• The last decade was the warmest recorded in history. Climate change is affecting the global community in every nation across the world. It impacts lives and livelihoods, especially of those in vulnerable conditions. Mere sustainability is no longer enough. Regeneration is needed. "A Better World" answers this call by showing some of the most important climate response actions occurring in the world.
  • The report was written by Victoria Matusevich, Nathalia Rezende Mamede and Virginia Scardamaglia, based on a literature review and the valuable inputs provided by stakeholders consulted between August and October 2022.   This consultation process was made possible thanks to the combined efforts, knowledge and skills of:  
    • The   Fundación Avina team that coordinated the consultative process, including interviews, workshops and preparation and revision of the report: Andrés Mogro, Milena Gramacho, Nathalia Rezende Mamede, Paula Ellinger, Pamela Olmedo, Ricardo Zapata, Sofía Varela, Victoria Matusevich, and Virginia Scardamaglia.  
    • The South South North team, which co-organized and provided valuable inputs throughout the process: Jesse Demaria-Kinney and Sydney Church.  
    • Hernan Blanco, who supported in workshop design and facilitation.  
    • Aditya Bahadur, Cristina R. del Rio, Diana Cárdenas, Hilda Vega, Kazi Amdadul Hoque, Natalie Unterstell, and Thandiwe Chikomo, who made up the Steering Group of the consultative process.  
    • Aditya Bahadur, Joan Carling, Ngao Mubanga and Dora Luz Miranda Rios, speakers who generously shared their experiences and insights at the workshops.  
    • Trace Dreyer, Manuel Dominguez, Rosemarie García, María Alejandra Revelo, Patricia de Blanco y Jesse Kates-Chinoy, interpreters who made it possible to have a global conversation in 3 languages.  
    We also thank the 27 experts that were interviewed and the 94 participants over the three workshops whose generous gift of time and creative thinking made this consultation a success.    


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