Where do you start when you want to change things?
How does social change contribute to sustainability?
How can philanthropy scale up social change?
What can you do so that collaboration creates real impact?

This practical guide responds in simple language to some central questions of a complex world.  It is a world that urgently needs to improve its ability to collaborate if it is to successfully address its most urgent problems.

Based on more than 20 years of experience of Avina in Latin America, Sean McKaughan offers a profound look at the way in which social change can contribute to long-term sustainability.

Through the Collaborative Change Process, the author arrives at the concept of CollaborAction, a practical focus that philanthropy, civil society organizations, government and private enterprise can use to increase their impact. The analysis of different examples of social change from Avina´s lived experience provides the necessary context to make this book a practical guide for how it’s done.