The report was written by Victoria Matusevich, Nathalia Rezende Mamede and Virginia Scardamaglia, based on a literature review and the valuable inputs provided by stakeholders consulted between August and October 2022.  

This consultation process was made possible thanks to the combined efforts, knowledge and skills of:  

  • The   Fundación Avina team that coordinated the consultative process, including interviews, workshops and preparation and revision of the report: Andrés Mogro, Milena Gramacho, Nathalia Rezende Mamede, Paula Ellinger, Pamela Olmedo, Ricardo Zapata, Sofía Varela, Victoria Matusevich, and Virginia Scardamaglia.  
  • The South South North team, which co-organized and provided valuable inputs throughout the process: Jesse Demaria-Kinney and Sydney Church.  
  • Hernan Blanco, who supported in workshop design and facilitation.  
  • Aditya Bahadur, Cristina R. del Rio, Diana Cárdenas, Hilda Vega, Kazi Amdadul Hoque, Natalie Unterstell, and Thandiwe Chikomo, who made up the Steering Group of the consultative process.  
  • Aditya Bahadur, Joan Carling, Ngao Mubanga and Dora Luz Miranda Rios, speakers who generously shared their experiences and insights at the workshops.  
  • Trace Dreyer, Manuel Dominguez, Rosemarie García, María Alejandra Revelo, Patricia de Blanco y Jesse Kates-Chinoy, interpreters who made it possible to have a global conversation in 3 languages.  

We also thank the 27 experts that were interviewed and the 94 participants over the three workshops whose generous gift of time and creative thinking made this consultation a success.  



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